Friday, April 5, 2013

Awesome eGo C Cigarettes - Review

Among all the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, ecigarettes Joye certainly valid for one of the best brands, not just at the moment, but from their very first appearance on the market. It is famous for a variety of innovations that make them virtually leader in the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes.
A wide variety of their products, starting with the eGo, eGo W, eGo C, eGo T, are all armed with the latest advances in the development of ecigarettes. Powerful battery that is present in the products from the Joye company, you will hardly be able to find in any competing manufacturers devices. 
With three different strengths of battery, 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh, which you can select according to your own preferences, the models from this company set new boundaries in endurance of electronic cigarettes and duration of vaporing. If you remember their 510 model, which has altered the injection of e liquids into cartridges, and thus made a revolution in production, you can imagine what kind of technical advances have new models of eGo series.

My fascination with EGO C model is presented in an honest review which you can read below, written while I was vaporing my new ecigarette.

EGO C Review

The Revolution in Vaporing - eGo C by Joye

Joye is famous for their models of electronic cigarettes, and for adjusting production to the needs of their customers.
Their previous models have experienced real success in the market, and a great acceptance among users of ecigarettes, but they did not stop there.
What they did was, they were introducing systematic innovations, particularly in the field of battery and atomizer, and thus increased the level of their products compared to competing in a few levels above!
With the improvement of their previous models with innovations which made them overcome competitive manufacturer, and hit the standard for ecigarettes, they proved that there is no perfection.
Just when we thought that it can't be better, they planted the ear to listen to the demands of the market and by analysis of negative attitudes towards ecigarettes in generally, they removed all the disadvantages of an ordinary product and revolutionized the latest packed model EGO C!

The eGo C Kit - What's in The Box!?

On the eGo C starter kit order page you will find two drop-down menu, where you are able to select the color of your eGo C cigarettes - currently available in black and stainless color; as well as the strength of a battery that meets your preferences - 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh. 
The product that I ordered arrived just a few days later on my home address. Inside the box was everything as described in the specification of the seller, so I joined the assembly and soon got ready my two new ecigarettes. 


Before concluding, I looked in detail all the parts and I can tell you that I am delighted with what sophisticated refinement they were made. I checked the atomizer and frankly, it was far beyond my expectations. I've read all the reports by the producers themselves, as well as various sites that published news related to this product, and the product itself is far beyond it!
The new technology changeable system provides users of eGo C to easily remove or replace their atomizer, whenever they need to disperse it into parts to be cleaned. This feature is great for both new users of electronic cigarettes as they need to adjust to it, and for old users, which simplifies things and give opportunity for much cleaner vapor.

Puffing on eGo C really gives me joy while I am writing this review, and thinking about pros and cons of it. Before we get to the pros and cons of this ecigarettes, I would like to express my first impression through a single sentence:

EGO C Kit is perfect package for both, beginners and for those who have already paved into the vaporing; ideal for a gift to someone; very elegant, sophisticated product for maximum enjoyment!

The eGo C Kit - Pros and Cons From A to C

A is for Atomizer

Completely unseen until now in the market of electronic cigarettes, atomizer innovative design of model EGO C is easy to replace, smaller and convenient!

EGO C Atomizer

All the problems you've had with your atomizers, become unnoticeable with this model. Cost-effectiveness and practicality of this model is expressed by the fact, that if it breaks or there is a need to change the atomizer, with this model it is enough to change the atomizer head, through innovation in design of atomizer made from two parts, the head and body.
You will agree with me that this is a great advantage and the ability to save a lot of money. Not only does this option saves money, but also lets you to far easier clean your eGo C cigarettes. At the same time, now, thanks to the two-part system, you have the option to, if you are like me and enjoy a variety of flavors, simply replace the atomizer's head when you use a different flavors of e liquids.
Given the fact that starter kit comes with five atomizers, this will not be an additional cost, and in addition, you'll enjoy in much cleaner and more beautiful vaporing.


B is for Batttery

One of the biggest innovations in the model eGo C, as we have said it before, are batteries. If you are a consumer of ecigarettes like i am, this will certainly mean to you a lot. But that's not all folks, not only that the battery life extend the life of your cigarettes, but innovations are done and in terms of safety, with lock system.
Now you are able to, in regard to the strength of your battery power you decide upon when purchase, have eight to ten hours of quality vaporing.
Security measures are exposed in the button with which you are able to lock your turn of your eGo C, or indeed to lock it, when not in use, so you are able to protect yourself from unnecessary turning on while your device is disposed in the pocket of a jacket, bag or anywhere else. 
Also, this security measure will protect your children when get in contact with the electronic cigarettes.

C is for Cartridge

With the small exception of the fact that I had trouble removing the cap off of the cartridge for the first charge, the rest is a fairy tale. It is obvious that they risked there people will get a bit frustrated with opening cartridges, but they put the emphasis on health and prevention that e liquids leaks out of cartridge and by so directly reach to your mouth.
Another thing I really loved about this brand. In every case, cartridges are very easy to use, with innovation in terms of atomizers. The cartridges may be filled with about one milligram of e liquids. 


D is for Design

The innovations in design of components made eGo C very powerful on the inside. However, they bring a great value to this device so I give a high ten for design! 
On the outside, there are several different colors in which this model is available.
On the site where I bought it, they had it available in black and stainless colors which was to much of choice for me, since I am Libra in the horoscope and hard on making this kind of decisions.

E is for E Liquids

E Liquids are manufactured from 100% sourced natural ingredients, and I'm quite satisfied with the quality they provide. In any case, this is a matter of personal preference and flavor that you like, so I would not dwell too long here.


When all things considered, I'm pretty thrilled with this product and very happy with how ease I can make use of it. 
Applied innovations on it were done without error, and most importantly perfectly fit into the eGo C. 
The difference between this eGo C cigarettes and other brands in the same price range, is unmatched, and believe me, for the same money you will not get anywhere this much quality! 
It is very easy to use for both beginners and experienced vapers. If you want to puff with style, eGo C is one of the best products available on the market, you will not go wrong with it. Check out prices for this model at